BEST OF 2017: TV (Belated Edition)

BEST OF 2017_ TV.png

By Jacey Aldredge

Riverdale (season 1 & 2)

Truly, I am sucker for CW shows. Call me a typical white girl, but I just can't help myself. "Riverdale" is no exception. It's frothy, it's full of mystery, and triple that in teen angst. It's like Nancy Drew had a baby with Friday Night Lights and I'm loving it. 

GOT (season 7)

2017 was the year of "Game of Thrones" for me. I discovered it, I binged it, I obsessed. I wrote recaps for all of season seven, plus predictions for season eight... it's a little excessive, but I'm okay with that. Many people disliked the penultimate season, but not I. All my dreams came true this season— Dany and Jon got it on. Jaime gave Cersei the metal finger. Littlefinger got his. Arya made it back to Winterfell. Besides, any season that GOT fans deem "lesser than" is only in comparison to itself, because when stacked against the rest of tv, it's constantly outdoing the competition. 

Black Mirror (season 4)

2017 was also the year of Netflix. As in, I probably watched more hours of Netflix Originals material than I did any other channel. Six of those hours came from season 4 of "Black Mirror." This show gets right under your skin; it's hair raising and hard to forget. No, season four wasn't perfect, but if nothing else I highly suggest you check out "Hang the DJ" and "USS Callister." The latter is good enough for its own full series. 

Stranger Things (season 2)

Oh, "Stranger Things." I adore you. With the success of the premiere season, the second venture had very high expectations that many surely thought it wouldn't meet. Jokes on you, though, because "Stranger Things 2" was epic. From the failed Ghostbusters Halloween homage to Nancy Wheeler's love triangle to Eleven's temper tantrums with Hopper, it was a ride worthy of a weekend of binging.  

This is Us (season 2)

What happened to Jack?! Season two has made it on this list because of how close we are to discovering the truth of Jack's death. Also, I'm pretty sure I cried at some point in every episode so far, which is embarrassing but also shows I have immense empathetic tendencies, right?

Westworld (season 1)

Okay, so I know this premiered back in October of 2016, but I'm including it in my Best of 2017 post because it was the year I discovered it. So there. Anthony Hopkins is a king. Evan Rachel Wood is eerie and strong and able. Better yet, in true HBO fashion, the opening credits are just as interesting to watch as the actual show.