BEST OF 2017: Film (Belated Edition)

BEST OF 2017_ FILM.png

By Jacey Aldredge

I'm super late, I'm sorry, let's just get into this, shall we? These films are not in any particular order other than the fact that this is the order in which I thought of them, so maybe they are actually in order? Things to think about while in the shower, I suppose. 

THE SHAPE OF WATER (Read my full review here)

This film is what dreams are made of; it's got mystery, romance, thrills, color, music... it's truly the full package. Alexandre Desplat does magic with his score, and Guillermo del Toro's world-building continues to impress and amaze. 


I love when films can successfully tell the story of two different families simultaneously, and Netflix's "Mudbound" certainly accomplishes this. It's heartbreaking and strengthening, all at once. Sometimes, it's the small victories that make the biggest impact. 


Easily the creepiest, goose-bumping induce-iest film of 2017, if not of the decade. Daniel Kaluuya's eyes will forever be etched in my brain. Also, I think we've all at some point wondered if our neighbors from Georgia have some weird fetish not unlike the Armitage family. 


This film has to be honored on this Best Of list... it broke walls! Females do sell movies, and they sell them BIG (as in $821.9 million USD worth of big). "Wonder Woman" has also now opened the door for Marvel's "Black Widow" solo film, and as an avid Natasha Romanov fan, I am absolutely on board with this. Also, Gal Gadot is a shining pillar of sunlight.


Angry, full of resentment, brash... all adjectives that could just as easily describe this year's political climate as it could this film about an unsolved murder in the middle of nowhere. "Three Billboards" is a tour de force led by brilliant performances by Sam Rockwell and Frances McDormand.


The first time I watched "Baby Driver" was on a ten hour flight from Spain to Dallas nearly eight months ago. Despite the screen being smaller than a two-slot toaster, I was hooked. Ansel Elgort and Lily James give us a modern-day romance similar to Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in cult-favorite "Romeo + Juliet" (1996). Fast-paced and chock full of flavor, "Baby Driver" has me tapping my toes months later. 

MOTHER! (Read my full review here)

Exquisite. Stunning. Terrifying. Darren Aronofsky's "mother!" will sweep you off your feet, and not always in the good way. This is one film that will truly stand the test of time; we'll be learning about this one in cinema class decades from now.