Game of Thrones S8 Predictions

Macall B. Polay | HBO

Macall B. Polay | HBO

We've been here for some time. — Cersei

Oh, Game of Thrones. How you tease us! It took me awhile to wrap my head around this painfully short but frothily entertaining seventh season, aka I've been listening to every GOT podcast I can get my hands on (ears on?). Shat On Tv's On the Throne was one of my particular favorites, as well as the more well-known oldies but goodies, like Cast of Thrones or A Cast of Kings with hosts David Chen & Joanna Robinson. These podcasts, along with my new favorite Youtube channel Nerd Soup, helped me compile a final list of predictions for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. I'm not pretending to have come up with all of these by my lonesome, rather I've picked apart and explored all the theories around, eventually molding ones I felt suitable and likely. 

Let's begin.

1. Dany and Jon will not have rocky relationship troubles due to them being related, but rather their troubles will stem from Jon's heritage as the "rightful heir" to the Iron Throne. Jon will want to keep his heritage on the DL, just like that other pesky secret he's kept (the one where he's technically dead), but somehow the truth will get out and it's the reactions of the community that will cause friction between the star-crossed lovers. 

2. Dany is getting pregnant. This is a big prediction that mostly everyone has jumped on, and rightly so... as it's been said, Dany has referred to her inability to have children WAY too many times for her to not have children. My theory? She needed a lil' Targaryen blood to get things movin' again. 

3. Love never ends well on GOT — I dare you to give me a couple in this show who's made it 'til now. Viper & Ellaria? Nope. Rob & Talisa? Nada. Ned & Catelyn... dead. Renley and Lorris? Dead. Lyanna and Rhaegar? Fatal. If this isn't foreshadowing for Jon & Dany's future, I don't know what is. I used to think Jon would have to kill Dany in the end (bittersweet just like Martin claims, but now that she's pregnant, I've decided it'll be the other way around. Dany will have to sacrifice Jon in order to defeat the Night King. There's lots of evidence to back this up, although it's hard to tell whether Dany or Jon will be the one doing the deed. I'm putting my bets on Dany. This is all based on the GOT prophecy about Azor Ahai having to sacrifice his/her love, Nissa Nissa, to produce Lightbringer... check it out in detail here & here

4. Also, her dragons gonna die. Although I really liked Tower of Babble's GOT theory that Drogon would melt the Iron Throne, thereby tangibly "breaking the wheel," it unfortunately would make more since for both Rheagal and Drogon to bite the dust in the end... just as Dany is gifted with a human child, she loses her first children — her dragons. Makes me want to vomit tears, but it's fitting. Specifically, Viserion will kill Rhaegal. Vanity Fair has a similar idea regarding Dany bearing children, but the sacrifice has more to do with Jon wrestling with the thought of his child being born out of incest.  

5. Bran is NOT the Night King *eye roll*, BUT he will be the 3rd dragon rider via warging into Viserion. "The Dragon has Three Heads" is a hugely popular prophecy with GOT fans, most of whom believed Tyrion to be the 3rd dragon rider alongside Dany and Jon. Now that Viserion is frozen meat, it would be up to Bran to complete this prophecy for us thronies.

6. Speaking of the Night King, the first attempt to kill him will fail, resulting in a major character death. I'm thinking Arya or Jorah for this one. This is what stems the creation of Lightbringer. 

7. Cersei won't be having that baby. While I don't think she's lying about the pregnancy, I do think it will end up in a miscarriage. This also opens up the possibility of Jaime fulfilling the Valonqar prophecy, which I don't think he would ever do if she's carrying his baby. 

8. Cersei will die by Jaime, but Jaime won't survive either. 

9. Sir Davos & Gendry aren't making it, either. I know, I'm crying too. 

10. So, who ends up on the Iron Throne? I'm sticking with Dany. Also, Sansa Stark will stay Lady/Wardenness of the North. 

11. Cleganebowl is happening.

12. And no, y'all. Tyrion is not participating in a love triangle with Jon & Dany.

All bets are off on the rest of the season for me, but I've linked below all the theories I could find for any other itches you may need to scratch:

Who lives & dies? Emergency Awesome has a comprehensive list of the dead to come in season 8.

What's going on with those pesky Greyjoys? Here & here are a couple good articles on the torturous Brady Bunch and their respective fates. 

What do the White Walkers actually want? Nerd Soup has an AWESOME video on this, and I'm pretty convinced they've hit the nail on the head. Basically, the White Walkers are just enacting justice for a broken treaty made between themselves & the First Men, in which the wall was built together as a sort of marked territory. However, this treaty was broken as thousands of Wildlings crossed the wall to live in the North, and sacrifices were no longer being made to the Night King (minus that gross father-daughter situation). Watch the video.

Who will end up as White Walkers? Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister on GOT) has stated that some of our favorite characters will end up on the blue-eyed side. Who's getting the Night King's touch? Hodor for sure, but for other options, here will do the trick.

For a character by character breakdown, check out Joanna Robinson's Vanity Fair article


Got any more questions or predictions? Comment below! 

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