72 Hour Recap: Game of Thrones S7E3 "The Queen's Justice"

Picture Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

Welcome back to another 72 Hour GOT Recap, where we dissect the latest episode of GOT long enough after its release so no one can hate me for spoilers. We are now nearly half way through this devastatingly short and sweet 7th season, and things are really ramping up in "The Queen's Justice." 

First, I suppose we should touch base on the 5 predictions I made last week:

1. Arya and Jon cross paths (because I'm pretty sure that's the one everyone has been waiting for more than anything) WRONG. I realize now that this prediction was dumb because duh, Jon travelled via boat, not horse. Maybe next time?

2. Maybe a Sansa and Bran reunion? We haven't seen/heard from Bran since they let him enter Castle Black in the season premiere... surely word would've got to Winterfell by now of his arrival? RIGHT. Except shiver me timbers, Bran was creepy as hell talking to Sansa about her wedding night like it was some photoshoot for Vogue... more on this later. 

3. Will the rumors be true? Are Jon and Daenerys gonna get hitched for the greater good? We could see some seeds planted next week... I'm just saying, maybe it's my imagination but I definitely saw some sparks fly by the end of this episode.

4. Jaime starting to realize all is lost with Cersei. Yeah, he's definitely getting there. At a painfully slow rate, but still.

5. What the hell is up Euron's sleeves next? He's been all talk up to this point. Will Theon save Yara? More than likely, she'll save herself. Okay Euron, okay. We'll start with you. 

Alright, so... the Queen got her justice. Euron delivered his prized gift as promised, none other than miss Ellaria Sand, princess killer. And I have to admit, I can't entirely hate Cersei for the revenge she took on Ellaria and her only surviving sand snake daughter. An eye for an eye, except for Ellaria, it's an eye for an eye plus the rotting corpse she'll have to look at until she dies. Spicy. (I will say though that Tyene Sand's half-question/half-exclamation of "mama?" after Cersei's poisoned kiss was probably one of the most lamentable moments this season.)

Of course, we do get the Jon/Khaleesi meeting we've all been waiting for, and it did not disappoint. Fire and Ice... opposites do attract. I know, I KNOW, she's like his aunt or something, but whatever it's GOT and all the cool kids are doing it. Jon tells her they need each other, and by the end of the episode, Dany definitely can't deny that. She goes from high and mighty to helpful after losing her two best Westeros allies in one fell swoop. Their exchanges are heated but also respectful, and though they've both made it very clear that they "don't know" each other enough to pledge full allegiance, Jon and Dany are building a relationship of respect for one another's stubborn will and loyalty to their people. And so, let the dragon glass mining commence. 

"You better get to work, Jon Snow." Now if that's not a pick-up line, I don't know what is. #TeamJonerys

"You better get to work, Jon Snow." Now if that's not a pick-up line, I don't know what is. #TeamJonerys

Meanwhile, we've got that little Bran and Sansa reunion, which at first is a welcome break from yet more scenes of Littlefinger jabbering in Sansa's ear, and then soon becomes an eerie realization that when Bran says he can see "everything," that includes a recap of Sansa's wedding night with Ramsay. Bran clearly has lost some social skills in his time on the other side of the wall, referring to the night she was brutally raped as "beautiful." I know he meant well, but damn Bran. EW. 

TMI, Bran. 

TMI, Bran. 

Jorah is all healed up and on his merry way back to Dany, thanks to Samwell. And then of course, we see Tyrion's plans of taking Casterly Rock destroyed with a beautifully made montage of Dany's army finding a nearly empty Lannister stronghold while Cersei's Jaime-led brigade takes over Highgarden, along with all the funds and food they could ever need to pay off the Braavos bank and turn the tides in her favor.

Silver lining of that? At least Greyworm will live another day. But I don't think he's too happy about it. 

Angry wittle Worm

Angry wittle Worm

Sorry not sorry, but finishing off this recap with Lady Olenna again because even on her dying day she still can drop the mic. I gotta hand it to her too, she asks if it will hurt (it won't, Jaime admits) BEFORE she owns up to Sir Lannister that it was indeed her who poisoned dearest Joffrey, not Tyrion, after all. That's gotta burn. Although, the fact that Jaime didn't decide to chop off her limbs after that confession goes to show that even Jaime knows his oldest son deserved his purple wedding.

RIP Olenna Tyrell, badass warrior who rarely had to leave her chair to get shit done. 

IMHO, two Queens got their justice this week. 

Well there we have it. The tables seem to be turning towards Cersei, who now has Euron, the Mountain, the bank of Braavos, the Highgarden assets, and apparently a knack for knowing what Tyrion's next moves will be (or are Spider's little birdies doing some talking again?). On the other hand, despite Dany losing Yara and her Iron fleet, as well as the Highgarden and Dornish armies, she's gained Jon Snow, and it's safe to say that will be a much bigger win in the days to come. 

Here are the 5 things I'd like to see in next week's episode:

1. I'm just gonna keep saying it until it happens: ARYA AND JON REUNION

2. Jorah meets Jon and they chat about Samwell and life and things

3. Dany is done listening to clever men— it's DROGON time

4. Jaime's jealousy scale = 1,000% hatred for Euron

5. It would appear that the last area Cersei needs to regain control of would be none other than Winterfell & the North... will Sansa make some terrible Sansa-like decision and work with Cersei in the hopes of overthrowing her?

Who will the tables turn for in next Sunday's episode?