Music Review: Mignon's FIVE

Country/Pop singer-songwriter Mignon seizes greatness with her most commanding and poised EP yet. 

Mignon's newest co-written EP, FIVE, is fresh, collective, and fierce— an unforgettable reflection of her best self: powerful vocals, hair-raising lyrics, and perhaps most importantly, raw sentimentality in every song. A Belmont University graduate with a Commercial Voice/Songwriting degree (following in Brad Paisley's footsteps it would seem), Mignon is charting her course to success with over 200 self- and co-written songs under her belt, as well as performances at the 2011 CMA's singing alongside country superstar Braid Paisley and with Chris Young for the 2012 CMA All Stars Concert. She's been highlighted as Taste of Country's Featured Female Artist for July 2015, with other notable showcases at festivals like the Key West Songwriters fest, SXSW, and Tin Pan South.

It would appear that Nashville transplant Mignon has hit all her bases, which would make FIVE her home run for the championship game. If you've ever wanted a playlist of background music to follow your life, FIVE is it. To prove it, I've compiled a list of the best five when's and where's to listen to each song.

1. For a Tuesday playing hooky from work, getting beach-ready, road-trip ready, or ready to take that leap of faith and ask out the guy from the bar who has some major James Dean vibes: "Chasing the Daylight" 

This is that feel-good song that was always missing from Sweet Home Alabama, it has a rhythm that will make the least cheerful person ready to dance and the most cheerful person singing out loud to her coworkers. Even though "Chasing the Daylight" is as fun and frothy as its name, it's far from empty. There's a sure sense of nostalgia found in the lyrics and the beat, reminiscent of preteens wearing mom's make-up and dancing in front of the mirror, before life bears down and things get hard. 

2. For a Sunday night in post-Game of Thrones with your special someone (whether that be your boyfriend/girlfriend, your dog, or your glass of cabernet): "Summer Storm"

Sultry, with a slow build-up like unspoiled foreplay, "Summer Storm" is the kind of song that makes you want to be skin-on-skin. This song takes its time, romancing its listener with leisurely played drums and purposely placed guitar strums, finding strength in its simplicity. Mignon has a way with nature-based metaphors, and "Summer Storm" hits the spot; her voice is smooth, sure, and consuming. 

3. For the day you've been sitting in the car for 35 minutes outside your house, too numb to wipe away the tears and unable to get out and face whatever life's giving you (we've all been there): "Bed I Made" 

"Bed I Made" has a definite sense of urgency to it, and in the first few notes you feel like you're running out of time, out of options, and out of control. Lyrics like "I know that I'm the one who wanted you to leave, but tonight I'll do the same thing, turning down these sheets," pull at the heart. Full of sorrow, this is a break-up song for the days when making the right choice isn't always the easy one. With quivering but fervent vocals and vivid imagery, Mignon manages to evoke a scene that's not black and white, but full of grays. Possibly the best song on this EP, I may never have heard a truer line than, "but don't you come knocking, 'cause in a heartbeat I'll unlock it." Hair-raising every time. 

4. For a good ole' girls night of ex-bashing, carefree drinking, and eating the whole sleeve of Double Stuf Oreos: "Gossiping"

Playful and unapologetic are easily this song's prerogative. A "Chicken Fried" anthem for women, "Gossiping" will happily get stuck in your head. Mignon's cheeky chorus and background vocals steal the show on this song, and it sounds like it was as enjoyable to make as it is to hear. 

5. All I can say is, future husband, please propose to me with this song: "If I Ever Lost You"

Bare, genuine, and hushed, "If I Ever Lost You," is a testament to Mignon's versatility and power. She shines in this song with a subdued fervor, feeling in every word and every sound, whether singing the velvety soft verses or holding notes in the chorus with the strength of a tightrope walker. "If I Ever Lost You" is a viscous ballad, thick and rich in nature, and perfectly applicable both to your children and your significant other. 

FIVE is easily Mignon's most mature and vulnerable release yet, a delectable selection of sounds that showcase resilience and passion. Mignon is a force to be reckoned with, and this EP is her weapon of choice. 

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FIVE releases everywhere July 27th. Click here to purchase.