Late to the Throne

Okay, I admit it. I'm late to the party. Nearly six years late, actually. ...Any champagne left? You'd have to live under a rock on the moon to not have at least heard the name Game of Thrones. Whether you watch it is a different story of course, but considering its main competition for an audience is The Walking Dead, the odds you've seen at least a tidbit of GOT is about the same as the odds that the Night King will be crossing the Wall in Season 7 (aka, pretty damn high). Comparisons aside, I always figured I would enjoy GOT, but just never had the time or desire to start obsessing over a new show. We only have so much energy to devote to our obsessions, and I already have quite a few (Supernatural, TWD, POTC, Marvel, New Girl, etc etc). However, I finally watched all six seasons in a very long and healthy period of seven days. Just like I assumed, I am now obsessed. From the quality of performance, cinematography, sound, story, and character, to the downright uncomfortable emotional ups and down which ensue in every episode, Game of Thrones is everything I was afraid it would be. It's a testament to the growth of television, and could eloquently be described as a beginning to the "Golden Age of TV." Every hour is reminiscent of a magnificent short film, and despite each season's episodes being helmed by different directors, each one remains cohesive and memorable. 

As we get closer to season 7's premiere (July 16th), I'll be debuting my top moments, characters, and questions for the GOT universe. Until then, if you watch two episodes a day you'd easily be caught up in time to see Dany, Jon, and Cersei's respective thrones. Or, you could binge watch the series in a week. Tomato tomahto.